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Volunteer Task & Benefits

Volunteers brought in will assist in 13 different areas, from welcoming fans to organising matches and helping out the media.

The Accreditations team issues passes to people involved in the tournament, including the media, officials, service providers, suppliers, sponsors, volunteers, players and referees. These passes provide them with access to specific areas of the stadiums, so that they can proceed with their duties. The volunteers will be the first point of contact with the aforementioned groups when they arrive at the venue, and will hand over personalised accreditation to each individual.

The logistics team ensures that stadiums are converted from their traditional set-up to one that meets the expected standards of a ORKA KABADDI LEAGUE. Volunteers in this department are responsible for a number of tasks: helping provide essential day-to-day services in setting up the stadiums and returning them to their original state, equipping the stadium’s facilities, coordinating deliveries, managing the stadiums’ point of entry, distributing uniforms, etc.

Marketing Operations
The Marketing department deals with a wide range of different tasks. Entertainment programmers will be rolled out in all of the participating stadiums, and the volunteers will help to set these up so as to create a festive atmosphere and ensure that supporters enjoy an unforgettable experience. At the opening match and final, volunteers will also assist in the set-up of the pre-match ceremonies.In addition, volunteers will carry out tasks related to sponsor-run events (assisting with activities in the vicinity of the stadiums, providing support to youth programmes, etc.).

Fans are expected to turn up to the tournament in large numbers, and the Ticketing department will contribute to the family-friendly and festive feel of the event. Volunteers working for the Ticketing team will be actively involved in the operational activities at each venue, such as helping the public at entry gates and at ticket collection points, checking tickets, handing out special invitations, and overseeing the potential reassignment of seats in the stands.

Volunteer Management
Lying at the very heart of the Programmers success, this team will guarantee that all volunteers enjoy a memorable experience by seeing to it that each stage of their World Cup adventure goes as smoothly as possible. Specifically, they implement training sessions, manage and run the Volunteer Centre, coordinate and keep volunteers informed on a daily basis, distribute uniforms, manage timetables, etc.

Impact and Legacy
Beyond the tournament, the aim of the Impact and Legacy team is to establish a key role for the ORKA KABADDI LEAGUE among local communities. As far as the stadiums are concerned, this translates into making the three following commitments, in which the volunteers will play a fundamental role:

Match Organization
Playing a central role in the competition, volunteers allocated to Match Organisation will be assigned a number of different duties, from helping with preparations for each match (official training sessions, playing areas, changing rooms, etc.) in tandem with the head of Match Organisation and the FIFA General Coordinator, to ensuring the smooth running of players’ anti-doping tests or providing general support to the venue director across a range of tasks.

Media and Broadcasting Services
The Event will obviously be covered by the media around the world. And to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, each stadium will have its own media facilities, including a media centre, press box, press conference room, mixed zone, broadcast zone, and areas for photographers. In order to create the best possible working environment for journalists, photographers and broadcasters, volunteers will be their first point of contact and will play an integral part in all of their activities.

Fan Services
This department’s volunteers are the first point of contact for fans from INDIA and around the world who wish to attend matches. They will welcome, notify, give directions to, assist and support fans throughout their time at the stadium, checking tickets at entrances, manning the turnstiles and baggage lockers, and leading supporters to their seats.

Protocol Services
This department’s teams play a preparatory and organisational role, and lend a hand with general activities designed to make sure that the VIPs attending the competition enjoy the best possible experience.

Event Transport
On both matchdays and rest days, numerous transport services (arrival and departure of media representatives, VIPs, teams, etc.) will operate in the stadiums and at official venues (hotels/train stations/airports). Transport volunteers will play an important role in the planning, coordination and operational management of these services.

Volunteers take place in a very important manners to promote ORKA KABADDI LEAGUE on social media and other resources as like complaining , mouth publicity , connectivity through social networking as much as possible.

Benefits of Volunteers

Performance certificate.

Best Performer gift vouchers on National TV during every match.

Orka Volunteers Dress , Caps , Bands, Mugs etc.

10% -35% discount on Match Tickets.

Create your album with Star Cast and Celebrities.

Memorable experience.

A brilliant trip for Best Performer of the event.

Take a great opportunities to learn the professional skill with highly professionals.