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Sports Social Responsibility

Sports Social Responsibility

With a vision to make available professional physical education and sports training and enhance the way sport is being adopted in the country, it’s important that we also channelize our energies towards creating social community. A community that takes on the responsibility of using the positive power of sports to effect a social change and improve lives of deserving and/or disadvantaged youth.

Under the "Sport Social Responsibility", the corporate world, foundations and orka sports together bring in the resources to impart physical education and sports training as essential skills to the most deserving government and municipal schools delivering the right balance of coach, curriculum and sports equipment in order to deliver a high quality programme similar to private schools.

Our aims to honor and support the former athletes and sports persons of India who are either unemployed or have been employed at very low pay scales and assist them by providing training and employment in suitable areas. We aim to identify ex-sports stars and athletes who have all made India proud at national and international platforms and have now gone into oblivion with no financial or work related support.

The Sports Persons Adoption Programme is dedicated to train and support sports persons and athletes who suffer the financial strain and is difficult for them to pay the expenses associated with playing competitive sports. Orka Promotions firmly believes that supporting sports persons is a great way to support the sports infrastructure in our country.